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Family Dick is probably the most perverted and filthy gay porn site, ever. There’s Step-Family porn, and then there’s Step-Family porn. On this website you’ll watch a wide range of kinky, taboo scenarios in which mature man have very inappropriate contact with their young step-sons. On some scenes, the provoker is the father. You know, the guy that starts things. In some other scenarios, it’s the boy that teases and tempts until he finally gets what he wants.


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On one update, for example, there’s this cute blue-eyed blonde boy that has the hots for his stepdad. One day, the man comes home from the gym and gets in the shower. The mature man is not what could be considered a bear, but he has just the right amount of hair on his chest. Hitting the gym has clearly proved to his advantage, because he’s got a nice, fit body. Nice pecks, bulging biceps; he even has a six pack and all. The cute blonde boy, on the other hand, does not have a “gym body,” but he’s looking pretty slim. He’s smooth, pale-white, and has ink pretty much all over him. He jerks off his cock and fingers his asshole while spying dad in the shower.

It seems like the boy got too carried away, and while fingering his ass and stoking his cock with his eyes closed, he got busted. When he opens his eyes he sees dad right in front of him, fresh out of the shower, saying “what the fuck?” But dad didn’t really want an explanation; he wanted to punish the boy. I don’t know if he didn’t think it through or he just didn’t care, but the boy’s punishment ends up actually being what the horny fella wanted all along. Dad sends his hard cock down his throat, slaps his face with it, and bangs his tight little pooper.

On another update, a father takes his son to a cabin in the woods. You know, for a little retreat. The man starts the fireplace, fixes up some hot cocoa, and tells the boy to get in his jammies. As they sit by the fireplace, dad starts getting a little handsy. One thing leads to another and we’ve got ourselves an incredible hardcore scene that is beyond arousing. Seems like dad has been planning this all along; getting the boy isolated so he could take advantage of him. As you can see, this is very perverted stuff, and it comes in stunning Full HD.

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